KiOS Installer versions not loading

We've have been experiencing issues with the KiOS installer. Sometimes the installer is not showing versions in the dropdown nonetheless the OS you're using. After investigation we found out that this was caused due to the API rate limit of Github. Github only allows 5000 request / hour. It might happen that due to the popularity of the installer this rate is reached and therefore blocks future requests to retrieve the latest version of

We never thought that this might happen..

A more technical explanation:

When opening the installer, it will send a request to the Github API every 10 seconds. So if you leave the installer open a whole hour this means that it will consume (60sec*60min)  3600/10 = 360 requests. Which means that there are 5000 - 360 = 4.640 requests remaining. When a lot of users keep the installer open, to be precise 14, the rate limit is exhausted, and thus other people opening the installer will not be able to see the latest version anymore.

Resolving this issue is really simple, but packaging the installer again is time consuming especially because we rely on for signage. Therefore we will not be able to patch this issue quickly.

Therefore we propose following work-a-round, use our Advanced installation.

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    Paul Bakker

    I'm experiencing the same on MacOS 10.12.5.

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    Grant Spencer

    Where is this 'Advanced installation' you speak of?

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