How to change timezone of the web interface?

On the settings page of the web interface you'll find several settings (e.g. timezone), these settings are used to configure the machinery and web interface.

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    I had some trouble setting the time zone in the web interface for the camera. Here is what I found to work:

    1. Go to the "Configuration" tab
    2. Click the button at the top to change from Basic to Advanced settings
    3. Make the time zone change
    4. Click the Update button under the settings (NOT under the Heatmap)
    5. Change back to Basic settings (if desired) and finish the setup.

    It did not matter whether I was using Safari or Chrome.

    In the Cloud settings ( I could not get the time zone settings in the profile area to stick at all until I switched browsers from Safari to Chrome. The time zone change worked just like you would expect, then.

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