How to connect with SSH?

KiOS can be accessed by using an external monitor or a SSH connection.

Cedrics-Mac-mini:build cedricverst$ ssh root@
Welcome to kios-79e30bbb!
[root@kios-79e30bbb ~]#
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    Chris Morgan

    During the initial setup it mentions that the default username/password is root:root and can be changed. I tried to use this new username/password to SSH and it didn't work. Finally just tried root and it logged in without any password. 


    This seems pretty stupid to me. Default root password is blank with no way to change it. If a user doesn't try to ssh in they would never know that this is configured this way. 

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    Alejandro Franco

    That was for the web login. To change the password for the "root" account (used for ssh) you need to follow these instructions

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