A Real-Time counter heuristic

We are currently developing a new heuristic: counter. As the name says, it is a counter system. Counters come in a lot of different forms and are extremely interesting for security and marketing purposes (evacuations, trend-watching, etc). As we think the counter system is a nice-to-have feature for the Kerberos.io, we just decided to start developing it.

How does it work?

It will be possible to select two crossing lines from the settings page on the web interface (just like how the hull expositor is working). One crossing line that marks the entrance and one crossing line that marks the exit. By using those two crossing lines we can know if the object (person or anything else) is leaving or entering the room/building.

How to integrate with another system?

The idea of the counter heuristic will be that it creates a JSON object (e.g. "{count: 2}" if two objects entered or "{count: -1}" if something left). An application can fetch this JSON object by using the webhook IoDevice.

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    Juan Salaberry

    Would you consider adding several lines in order to flow directions?

    For Example : Line A then Line B = North path vs Line B then Line A = South path

    More complex: Line A then B then C = North Path then right turn.


    Thanks , great software

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    David Fung

    The sequence heuristic is working fine. The activity event is detected and displayed in the console. However, when the configuration is changed to counter mode by default parameters, no activity event is received. Any idea?


    Raspberry pi 2


    Machinery 2.1.0

    Camera - HikVision IP camera by HTTP 

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