version 2.0.0 released

Last year we released the first version of During this period we received lots of feedback, and we have tried to integrate the maximum of new features. From today we are happy to announce the second major release of

So what's new?

The most important and biggest improvement is the new architecture, we've created a custom Linux OS, KiOS, which is created by Buildroot. This will allow us to speed up development and to have a stable release management. We will release new versions regularly.

A brief and limited overview of the new features:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 support
  • Simple installation on Raspbian
  • Live streaming from the web interface or other client (e.g. VLC).
  • Support for RTSP (IP-camera)
  • Heatmap
  • System information (Disk and Network-usage)
  • Upgrade strategy (KiOS), simple updating without reflashing.
  • Samba / FTP support
  • Verbose logging (and exporting)
  • Docker image
  • Language support
  • ...

Find the complete list of new features on our documentation website.

Cool, but what's next..

As we now have a stable environment, we will put more effort on the machinery; the image processing. We will integrate more algorithms, heuristics and post-processes (e.g. pedestrian recognition, template matching, pattern recognition and LPR). We will also support upload to other storage service (e.g. Google Drive and OneDrive) and more IO devices (e.g. E-mail and Pushbullet).

A lot more to come, stay tuned.

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    thanks a lot for your software :)

    I look forward to the pedestrian recognition to limit falses positives .

    An inupt gpio event for PIR would be really apreciated too ;)

    one more thanks ;) 



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