RTSP stream of IP-camera is not working

We had some users which reported that the RTSP stream their the IP-camera doesn't work with Kerberos.io. However when tested with VLC, they claimed that it worked out-of-the-box. Read more about ONVIF what's so hard with IP-camera's.

451 Describe failed

One of the issues reported is the 451 Describe error. The problem is very common with Chinese IP-camera's: e.g. MiSecu 720P. When using following RTSP url with Kerberos.io:


we see that describing failed:

[rtsp @ 0x18a1b80] method DESCRIBE failed: 451 ERROR

One of the main issues is that every camera manufacturer uses their own protocol (RTSP URI formatting). Finding the correct URL for your IP-camera can be frustrating and time-intensive. When found you can try to open it with VLC, and afterwards with Kerberos.io.

Depending on the format of the RTSP URI things can go wrong, for example when using a format like above. To solve the problem you'll need to add an question mark "?" at the end of the url.



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    Thanks! I spent hours trying to make connection to my DVR and adding question mark to the end of the url was the one thing that helped me.

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