If you have been using before, you'll know that the installation is easy, but not easy enough for a regular user. Therefore have been investigating to build a user-friendly GUI, which allows you to install on your SD card with just a few clicks.

On our journey we found the people behind the start-up company, which is specialized in deployment to IoT devices using Docker technology. Next to managing their eco-system, they also open-sourced a lot of their code. One of those open-source projects is called Etcher, it's a GUI developed with Electron and AngularJS which allows their users to burn any .img to a SD card. brainstormed together with the team, and decided to fork the Etcher repository. We added some more functionality on top of the Etcher framework, and there it is, the new installer!

The installer will be available at the beginning of september for Windows, Linux and OSX. Stay tuned!


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    Chris Morgan

    How do I specify a WPA2Enterprise network using this installer? 

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