Browser Notifications

A new feature has been added to our cloud application, and this will be the beginning of a bunch of new features. From today our cloud users are spoiled with notifications, which are shown inside and outside the browser when something happened.

When logged in, you'll receive a browser pop-up, which asks you for permissions to send notifications outside the browser. If you disable this you'll only receive notifications inside the browser.

So what is so nice about this?

When you're on the dashboard page and you receive a notification, the dashboard will automatically refresh and show you the most recent sequence. This is a more performant (and better) solution as you don't need to watch a livestream continously. When you receive a notification you can simply click on the notification and you'll be redirected to the cloud page, on which you'll see the new sequence.

What's next?

This is the beginning of a bunch of new features. We're currently building an intelligent notification system, with machine learning and image processing. The idea is that you'll be able to create your own self-learning video surveillance system which sends you intelligent notifications; e.g. your kids are home. Next to that we will add zone detection with custom notifications; e.g. if someone opens the garage send an SMS and e-mail.

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