No data available at different capture location

By default the images are stored at the location /etc/opt/kerberosio/capture. This is the default location for all the machinery stuff: config files, logging and the images. If you would like to change this directory, you can use the web interface or o.xml file located at the config subdirectory.

The Problem

Unfortunately this isn't enough if you are using the web interface. By modifying the location, you just tell the machinery where it should store its images, but this parameter isn't used by the web interface. The web interface will tell you that No data is available, and you won't see any images. This is why:

To open or access images from a web browser, the images should be in the same directory as the website or web application that is being served by the webserver (Nginx or Apache); by default the website is located under /var/www/web, this means that the images should be stored somewhere in this location.


To solve this we've created a symbol link /var/www/web/public/capture, which points to /etc/opt/kerberosio/capture. The advantage is that you can store images where you want on the filesystem (e.g. a network drive), and that the webinterface is able to get them. The disadvantage is that you'll need to change the symbol link manually.

An example:

Suppose that we want to put our images in following folder /tmp/images. This is what we need to do:

  1. Go to the web interface and edit the directory parameter of the IO device disk.
    Change to /tmp/images

  2. SSH into the Raspberry Pi and go to the directory /var/www/web/public
    cd /var/www/web/public

  3. Remove the symbol link capture.
    rm capture

  4. Create a new symbol link.
    ln -s /tmp/images/ capture



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    Thank you very much, I had this problem and I fixed it thanks to this post

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