If you'll browse to our cloud application, you'll see a new feature the timeline.The idea of the timeline is that you have a fast and easy overview of all the events that occured at one or more days. This feature is only available if you own a cloud subscription.

Mobile and desktop support

The timeline is available on all your devices, and on every page. By swiping left or right you can scroll through the different events that occured. 

What's next?

We have been focussing on notifications and reporting so far. The next step will be a self-learning notification/surveillance system, by using user-input and artificial intelligence. The idea is that the notifications and timeline no longer show "15 detection", but will show "your dog has been detected at 12.20" or any other activity it detected.  By using these kind of data we can also do some pattern recognition, and send prioritized notifications; e.g. if your dog is recognized at the garage, call to my cellphone.

In context of user-input, we will also add some functionality which allows tagging and searching of specific events. There's a lot to do, and there is a lot to come, stay tuned.

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