My account is disabled due to reaching an upload limit.

Each subscription has an upload limit. A limit defines the number of videos and total number of media (video+images) that can be uploaded to your cloud profile. The main reason why we defined these limits, is to control our costs; in the past we've evaluated that a lot of basic accounts where uploading too much data.

What are the upload limits?

You can find the upload limits on the sync page. The larger the subscription, the more media can you upload (makes sense).


What happens when your account hits the upload limit?

When your account hits an upload limit, your account will be disabled until end of day. At the end of day your account will be reactivated, and your instance will continue uploading media to your cloud profile. While your account is disabled all media captured on the device isn't uploaded to your cloud profile, and it will not be uploaded when its reactivated (it is lost).

Your account is continuously hitting upload limits?

If you hit the upload limits day by day, you may consider following options:

  1. Upgrade your account, so you can upload more.
  2. Disable additional cameras.
  3. Implement throttling on your devices, so that it takes less images/videos. (You can find the throttling function in the advanced settings tab).
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