Upgrading KiOS

With version 2.8.0 we have a new way of updating KiOS. We no longer support upgrading by using the web interface, as this have shown some glitches in the past. From now we recommend upgrading using your terminal and the fwupdate shell script.

First ssh or connect to KiOS first, and execute following command to see your current version.

fwupdate current

Next look for all available versions of KiOS.

fwupdate versions

Select the version to which you would like to upgrade, and run following command.

fwupdate upgrade <version>

KiOS will reboot, and your new version will be available


The fwupdate Command

The firmware update process is controlled via one single shell script called fwupdate. It can be invoked separately for each upgrade phase or it can be executed once and be instructed to perform a full "unattended" upgrade. The separate phases way is meant to be used by frontends so that some kind of progress can be dispayed. The full upgrade command is usually helpful when upgrading manually, from the command line.

Here's a brief explanation of the fwupdate script usage:

  • fwupdate versions will simply list all available versions that match the currently running system.
  • fwupdate current will display the current version
  • fwupdate download <version|url|file> will download the OS image with the given version, from the given URL or local file
  • fwupdate extract will extract the previously downloaded OS image
  • fwupdate flashboot will flash the boot partition using the previously extracted OS image
  • fwupdate flashreboot will switch the boot configuration to flashing mode and will reboot
  • fwupdate status can be used at any moment to display the current firmware updating status, which is one of:
    • idle
    • downloading
    • downloaded [version]
    • extracting [version]
    • extracted [version]
    • flashing boot [version]
    • boot flashed [version]
    • rebooting [version]
    • error: message
  • fwupdate upgrade <version|url|file> will perform a full upgrade to the given version, URL or local file

If the phase order is not respected (e.g. extract is called before download), the fwupdate script will complain about missing required files. Calling the script for the same phase twice will simply repeat the phase (e.g. redownload the OS image).

For more information read: https://github.com/ccrisan/thingos/wiki/Firmware-Updates.

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